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Enjoy A 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee - no brainer, no risk!

That's twice as good as any other Google Ads course out there, and that's how confident I am this will work for you. This course will level up your current Google Ads game by miles, guaranteed.

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Frequently asked questions

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Is there a money back guarantee?
Yeah I offer you a really competitive 60-day 100% refund if you're unsatisified with the course. That's twice as good as any other Google Ads course out there, and that's how confident I am this will work for you. This course will level up your current Google Ads game by miles, guaranteed.
How quickly can I see results with this course?
The course is designed to "cut the crap" and show you the concepts and strategies that will generate you results as quick as possible. A lot boils down to your commitment and how much dedication you put into learning what is taught in the course. You're the only limiting factor here.
How many hours do I need to invest in this course?
Depending on your skillset and what type of business you run (service Vs. eCommerce) you can skip certain sections. From A to Z the complete course is at the time of writing this about 15-16 hours long. If you invest 3-5 hours every week you will have no problem going through everything in 30 days.

Once you have gone through everything you can always circle back to certain lessons depending on what you're working on and where you need to invest more learning time.
I'm using Google Ads but i'm not seeing the results I was hoping for, can this course help me?
Let's face it, google ads is super easy to access and they even have you setup a campaign directly in the account creation process. This is made to set you up for failure.

Let me ask you, when did you go to the stock market and throw all your money into a bunch of stocks before doing any research first? I bet you would never do that!

Google Ads is just the same. If you don't know the correct way to research, structure and optimize a campaign you're set up for failure.

This course will teach you everything you need to know to create winning campaigns and how to optimize and run them for long term success.
Couldn't I just do the free Google Ads certification process instead?
While the certification process in Skillshop is a "nice to have" thing, but definitely not a "need to have". The certification process only teaches you the theory about google ads. It teaches you nothing about research, account and campaign structures or how top optimize and scale your campaigns.
How do I get started?
Click the button below to get the course. Once paid you get instant access to the course.
What media format is the course?
The course is 100% video based with clear, in-depth walkthroughs of all concepts, frameworks and strategies. At the time of writing the course consists of more than 12+ sections, 40+ individual lessons and 15+ hours of material. The course is a living thing and it constantly evolves with more and more material added to it.
Do you offer group- or private coaching?
Yes I do. The course is part of Clicksmasters Academy which is my private learning platform. By upgrading your course (more inside the course about this), you can access my coaching community with live group clinics, live chat, discussions and best of all, I have access to your account so that I can provide tailored support for your account and your specific questions.
Is the course material up to date?
Yes, the course is recorded with the new 2023/24 interface that was released for Google Ads. The course itself is a living thing so it's constantly updated to reflect what is currently working.
What do I need to enroll in the course?
To enroll in the course you need an internet connection and preferably a computer. But you can also access it through the community app on your phone.
Who is this course suited for?
This course works for entrepreneurs, marketers, advertisers, freelancers, hobbyists, influencers, side hustlers, business owners, eCommerce businesses wanting more sales and service businesses wanting more calls and leads
I've never used Google Ads before, can I benefit from this course?
Of course. This course help both newcomers and beginners. As well as more seasoned players who have already been running Google Ads for a while but need to sharpen their sword a little more.
Is there a certification on course completion?
Is there a what..? Nope there isn't. Let me tell you why.

A course certification itself will NEVER give you a job or land a client. But learning how to manage a Google Ads account well and generating good results, WILL.
Do you offer management or marketing services for Google Ads?
Yes we do - but we apply ad spend minimums and have limited spots. Should you want to explore how we can help your business, you can reach out to hello@clicksmasters.com and we'll see if you are a good fit for management through a free discovery call.